Human language, in the form of conversation, is incredibly limited in its ability to express human thought. And we are typically allowed such a slight amount of time in which to express a mere sliver of what our mind contains, it is daunting to even wish to try.

Then, some of us struggle much more with the spoken word, so that what efforts we do make can fall crashing to the ground in pathetic puddles of bluntness, misunderstanding, and inept wording.

I panic in group situations that further limit any chance of anything with any depth being expressed. I can also deal with hours of post stress as my mind struggles with what has been said and how I failed once again to express either what I meant, or anything of value, or I have simply failed to listen well to another person. Add to that, there is an overwhelming concern I actually feel toward each person that can never be clearly expressed or solved.  I am very intuitive, and I care deeply, feel deeply.

We humans often try to express who we are by our careers and/or our relationships (just to simplify our explanations to others), but all of us have much more that cannot be revealed except when we express it in small ways by the way we live, speak, write and act with others – so they can understand a little.

For the simple explanation: I’m a wife, a daughter, a sister, a mom of six beautiful intense children, and also a teacher of my children. For the positive: I’m incredibly grateful for a supportive family, and a husband who is my best friend. For a bit more complex: I struggle with anxiety, I have a desire to create that generally gets trumped by the present reality of raising a family, I read everything I can to learn about parenting.

In these pages, I desire to share images, thoughts, poetry, and writing that express what I find in the moments I take to look, listen, and think, allowing silence in, allowing myself to reflect. I hope to share comfort, hope, and peace to the reader – peace found in those moments of silence we take to reflect and and allow ourselves time to consider.

My poem on the front page expresses what I feel about silence, as does the following quote by Mother Teresa of Calcutta.

– Emily Mulder

In silence He listens to us; in silence He speaks to our souls. In silence we are granted the privilege of listening to His voice.

Silence of our eyes.

Silence of our ears.

Silence of our mouths.

Silence of our minds.

…in the silence of the heart

God will speak.

– Mother Teresa



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