It’s been hard to post lately. I’ve felt so beat down for months. It is hard to find time for true silence. I didn’t feel like I had anything to say. I have taken few images other than those snapped quickly in a moment – nothing worth talking about except to share with family.

Last weekend we tried camping one night with the whole family. As should be expected, one of our little ones who we adopted (the one who wears me down all day with the need for constant attention and little attempts at control with rude statements and contradictions, if not full blown yelling and tantrums) didn’t deal well with the stimulation and being required to lie quietly among the other 7 people in the family in the tent without being disruptive and trying to seize control of another moment. We didn’t even get to try sleeping till midnight or later, and then all night there were interruptions – someone crying, someone too scrunched up in their sleeping bag, one of the dogs stepping on someone, etc, etc. We were exhausted.

But breakfast went pretty well, cooked over the campfire. And then, after packing up, we took one last hike.

My youngest relished it. She walked next to her daddy and stopped to investigate little flowers and plants all along the trail. That night in bed she confided to me: “I wish plants could be alive!”.  I told her “They are, but just not like us”. She said “I wish they could be like us and pull up their roots and walk and talk!”.

It occurred to me that this is exactly how we should cherish the world around us. Each little plant is valuable and beautiful. It is worth stopping to consider it. While it is relatively easy to say each person is valuable and beautiful, it is easier to say than act on. But I think if we consider the least of the living things in this way – as worthwhile – then the rest of life follows. That little plant growing off of the roots of oak trees is beautiful. The tiny flowering plant is beautiful. The wee horned lizard that hopped across the trail is beautiful. The little child and all their feelings and thoughts is worth our time and love. The child who struggles with voicing his/her inner turmoil, who struggles with trust, is worth us sticking with them. You are worth it, you are worth spending time considering and loving.


April 2016


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