I started writing this in January, and just now have decided to finish the thought and publish it.


I think we all have internal things we need to process, but to process them is difficult.

When we begin to do so, the easiest first (and possibly only) step we can/may take, is to blame someone or something for what we are feeling. It dissolves us of too much effort. Maybe there is someone or something that is at least partially to blame for things we have experienced, but if we leave it at the blame, we take no responsibility for our response.

Once we blame, it is very easy to continue to be sidetracked into sharing or even looking for more opportunities to blame. I see people blame family, friends, the medical system/doctors, vaccines, the government, religious organizations/churches, schools, teachers, other government organizations, pesticides, GMOs, and the list goes on. It is so much easier to jump on a bandwagon of blame than to face our own response to setbacks in life and take responsibility for changing ourselves. It is much simpler to “get out” our frustration through the process of blaming, or make ourselves feel better by letting everyone know how opinionated we are on some issue, than to stop and consider what we are doing to change ourselves.

Do any of these blame-able things actually cause problems? – maybe so, probably so. But am I a perfect person who always does everything right? No, I just wish I was. When you combine multiple finite people in any group or organization, failure happens. Communication can break down, things move more slowly, mistakes happen, people make bad choices. I cannot be responsible for the failures of others. I can only be responsible for my own failures, and my own responses to setbacks. Each of us have the choice to respond and grow from every experience, or to remain in a grudge.

I alone can choose to allow myself to be challenged to grow as a person. I can choose to let my experiences make me more understanding, more loving, and maybe just a little bit more kind.



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