peace in July

Honestly, it is hard to find time to write thoughts when one is in a transition period. It is hard to find time to meditate or simply be at peace. Our family is in a transition time. It is good, but it is hard. And I like to think that anything really worth doing is going to be difficult, or have it’s difficulties.

My husband insisted I take some time for myself this last Monday evening. And he all but ordered me to go hiking. So I did.

I needed that time. It made the rest of the week easier to handle. Peace does come through silence. I needed the silence by myself. Unfortunately, it was rather interrupted by the abundance of gnats and insects the wetter weather this year has generated, so I never stopped for long, but it was mostly free of people. We all need our alone time, some more than others.

As I hiked I was reminded that each individual person has their place. Each person is needed, important. Just as we need each other, each of us is also needed by someone or ‘someones’. I want to keep that in mind as I love and teach my children. I want to instill in them the belief, the realization that they are and will be needed. They are important to this world. Their unique personality, their unique interests and gifts, the struggles that they work through and learn from, are important.

Cholla cactus New Mexico


Embudito Trail New Mexico

I spotted this Mountain Patch Nosed Snake: Mountain Patch Nosed Snake New Mexico, Embudito Trail

Salsify New Mexico



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