Sometimes it seems so much is going on in our lives, that it is hard to remember the need to stop and take it all in. Maybe it isn’t so hard to remember, but there is this internal drive to solve it all and not leave anything unturned before we do rest.

There isn’t an easy answer, but I think we all have a real need to simply stop, sit down in a moment of quiet, pray and listen. We have a deep need – a responsibility – to be honest and very open about who we are, what our struggles truly are, our fears, our hopes, our disappointments. Only when we are completely honest with ourselves can we see clearly: see clearly enough to see a solution, or enough to be able to rest, knowing that our struggles are truly there, and … it’s ok.

It’s ok to feel scared, lonely, curious, uncertain, sad. While we don’t often feel free to share what we feel with other people, we can share them in that moment of silence, in prayer.


Steller’s Jay – photo by Samuel Mulder



One thought on “contemplation

  1. Thank you for that, Emily. I can very much relate and appreciate how you referred to it as a responsibility to make time for ourselves. As a mother, I especially feel like I am always pouring out to others. I have to remember that in order to give to others I truly need to make sure that I’m giving The Lord the opportunity to strengthen, encourage, comfort me.

    Oh and by the way, I’m incredibly jealous of SAM’s photograph. Would make a beautiful cover to a Christmas card!

    Miss you guys!

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