In this past year, there have been a couple of unexpected deaths within my family and friends. One happened just this last weekend.

The hardest part of this for me is to stand here, at a distance, hurting, feeling, longing to help, longing to solve, longing to heal, longing to give, longing to care, and yet knowing there is nothing I can do to fill the void of someone lost to this world.

I think this is a common experience to many of us. It is overwhelming. There is no reparation for grief. It is a path that must be trodden. I cannot heal or repair a broken heart. But it is ok, ok to grieve, ok to cry, ok to ask why.

I saw your face in sharp relief
against a blurry past
I heard your voice sing such
my soul ached within
I saw your eyes meet mine
frank, caring, honest
I heard you laugh, enjoying life
the moment’s irony.

And yet
You are not there


haunting our steps
hunting our thoughts
stalking our memories
reminding of the void –
a dark shadow
that encompasses our hearts

the ‘why you?’
and ‘If only….’

but you are lost to us
we cannot run
we cannot go back
we cannot hide

only Grief



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