a child’s world

I think we live in a culture that, in some ways, devalues children. We pay for expensive things for them – playgrounds, toys, cribs, strollers, beds, schools, classes, museums, …. Yet, their worlds are not ours. When it comes down to it, we may be trying to pacify and even enrich their lives, but do we sit down to examine and understand them? I think the more we are willing to “lower” ourselves to understand their perspective- their imaginations, the things they notice, their thoughts, their questions, –  the more of the real world around us, the seemingly insignificant but truly important things, we just might begin to better understand and appreciate.

That said, the act of trying to understand children is easier said than done. Few people do not love their children. In fact, when children enter our lives we are permanently changed, because we have to slow down for them if we care. Most parents desperately want to care for their children in the best way possible, and we are all trying to figure out how best to do that.

Maybe we need to stress less about what WE should do, and focus more on stopping, listening, watching. Maybe we need to do more learning from the littlest ones.







One thought on “a child’s world

  1. Hi Emily! It’s so sweet of you to read my blog and comment! Makes my day (:
    I just enjoyed reading through your posts for the last while and they were all beautiful and inspiring, but this one especially resonated with me. Also the photo called “Light” and so many others! Breathtaking reminders of the gorgeous gift this life is. Hope you all are well; we’ve been thinking of you!

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