As we are surrounded by the sounds of wind tonight, I’m reminded of a little poem I wrote several years ago:


The wind has descended upon us once again
It engulfs our existence,
haphazardly seeking the unknown crevices
that would allow its admittance.
We long for it to enter in
and drive out
the complexities of our lives
our thoughts.
Let us start fresh.
We shut it out
lest it drive in
the chill
that holds us captive
by its presence that we cannot lose.
The wind
speaks our fears
our angst
our hopes
our exultations,
all in one voice,
at the windows
in the trees
in the branches that scratch the window panes
and the creaking of the house
the buffeting of every movable thing.
In the dark
its untamed sound quiets us
and makes us wonder deep within.
Each of us alone
a small existence in an immeasurable time.


– Emily


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